Community Radio Station

Apna Radio 96.9FM

Prof Sangeeta Pranvendra

Established on 9th September 2005, Apna Radio 96.9 FM the Community Radio Station (CRS) of IIMC is one of the oldest Community Radio Stations of the country.

Headed by Prof. (Dr.) Sangeeta Pranvendra, Apna Radio 96.9 FM is committed to meeting requirements of the community regarding Information, Education, and Entertainment. The CRS is committed to promoting social, cultural, culinary, linguistic, musical and other diversities of the community it caters to. It also showcases the developmental and educational achievements of its listeners and communities.

Programmes of Apna Radio focus on issues related to sections like women, children, street children, workers, migrants, divyangs and students. It promotes their active participations. The CRS serves as a valuable resource for its listeners and a catalyst for positive change in the communities it serves.

Through its diverse programming Apna Radio 96.9 FM plays an important role in helping to achieve SDGs goals by focusing, creating programming on the following areas:

  • Good health and well-being
  • Gender Equality
  • Quality Education
  • Life skills and Awareness.
  • Science and Technology

The popular programmes broadcast on Apna Radio 96.9 FM are:

  • Apne Aas Paas (Daily Live Show)
  • Apne khel khiladi
  • Apna career
  • Gyan Sagar
  • Aao Ghumane Chalein
  • Apni Sehat
  • Apni Virast
  • Ghar ki Kheti
  • Apne Bal Bandu
  • Apne Athiti
  • Apna Kanoon
  • Vigyan ki Baat
  • Apni Choupal
  • Apni Rasoi
  • Rozgar Suchanayen
  • Teen Talk
  • Swayamsiddha
  • Apna Cinema
  • Raag Rang

Apna Radio 96.9 FM has a strong presence on Social Media platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. Through these platforms, the station can engage with its listeners and promote its programs and initiatives. The station has adopted several innovative techniques to reach out to its audience and engage with them. Through social media, community outreach, interactive programming, the station is able to connect with its listeners and promote its mission of empowering and educating its communities.