Community Radio Empowerment and Resource Centre (CRERC)

The Community Radio Empowerment and Resource Centre was established in IIMC on 29th March 2017, with the purpose of training and educating Community Radio Stations (CRS) in the country about various aspects of licensing, operations, training, equipment and policy guidelines regarding CRS.

Through the CRERC various modules of trainings have been organized since. Over 65 Community Radio Stations have participated in the training modules organised in collaboration with MIB. Experts from the field of Community Radio have been invited for the training.

Major Projects Undertaken by CRERC:
  •  The 8th & 9th National Awards for CRS and Regional Sammelan (North) was organised by CRERC of IIMC on 23-24 July 2023 in collaboration with MIB.
  •  Training of existing CRS and Letter of Intent (LoI) holders in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GoI. There are various training modules for different stakeholders.
  • Radio programming and production training for upcoming CRS.
  •  Radio programming and production training for future professionals
  •  Training senior citizens to take part in radio programmes and to run Community Radio Station
  •  Organising conferences, workshops and seminars for promotion and development of CRS in India.