Academic Council

Sl. No.DescriptionNameStatus

Director General IIMC    


2DeanProf. Govind SinghMember
3All Heads of Departments/ Regional Directors

1. Course Director, Hindi Deptt.,;

2. Course Director, English Deptt.;

3. Course Director, AD & PR Deptt.;

4. Course Director, New Media Deptt.;

5. Course Director, RTV Deptt.;

6. Course Director, Urdu Deptt.;

7. Course Director, DJ Deptt.;

8. HoD, Communication Research;

9. HoD, Publications;

10.   Regional Director , Dhenkanal

11.   Regional Director, Jammu

12.   Regional Director, Aizawl

13.   Regional Director, Amravati

14.   Regional Director, Kottayam

4ProfessorsDr. Sunetra Sen NarayanMember
5Associate ProfessorsDr. Rinku PeguMember
6Three persons from amongst the Educationists of repute (not in the service of Institute), nominated by the Chairman

1.    Prof. Manukonda Rabindranath, JNU;

2.    Prof. P. Sasikala, MCU;

3.    Prof. Atanu Mohapatra, CUG

7Three persons, not teachers, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialised knowledge.

1. Shri Umesh Upadhyay;

2. Shri Supriya Prasad;

3. Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh.



Ex Officio Secretary- Dean, Academic Affairs