Dean Students Welfare

Prof.(Dr.) Pramod Kumar
Prof.(Dr.) Pramod Kumar

Email: pramod[dot]kumar[at]iimc[dot]gov[dot]in

The Dean Students Welfare (DSW) in the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is responsible for general welfare of the students outside classroom and actively contributes to the development of their personality. The DSW endeavours to promote understanding among students for full realisation of their potential through meaningful intellectual, social and cultural life in the campus. Its focus is on nurturing intellectual power in budding journalists and transform them to suit the changing needs of media industry through participatory learning. The DSW supports array of student welfare services including student support, wellbeing and learning support, scholarships and financial support, career guidance, student’s information service, Grievance Redressal, Community Service, Mental Health & Counselling Service, Safety and security of students.

The DSW serves as a liaison between the students and IIMC administration, making it a student care and supervision centre. The DSW closely cooperates with the students ranging across all years to delegate and organise academic activities, co-curricular events, leadership and social programmes with the active participation of students. It promotes the building of an environment that instils into the students’ values that grooms them into responsible and valued citizen of Bharat.

The DSW assists the Director General of IIMC in all matters affecting students generally, and exercises such powers and performs such other duties as assigned by the Director General. In addition to all other duties, the DSW also performs the duties and functions in respect of the following matters in consultation and coordination with other relevant officers and units of the IIMC:

  • Arrangement of facilities for educational tours and excursions and participation in co-curricular and sports activities outside the Institute
  • Organisation of social and cultural activities with student participation
  • Organisation of student bodies in the Institute and their functioning
  • Student-teacher / non-teaching staff relationship
  • Financial aid to the needy students
  • Securing fellowships or scholarships for further studies in the country or abroad
  • Health and medical services
  • Students’ counselling
  • Special arrangements for female and Divyang students
  • Liaison between IIMC Administration and students
  • Student-information services
  • Alumni connect
  • Decide and distribute scholarships
  • Issuance of certificates as authorised and delegated by the Director General, IIMC

The office of DSW maintains essential particulars of each student from the date of his/her enrolment in the Institute. DSW may communicate with the parents/guardians of the students in respect of any matter requiring assistance and co-operation of the parents/guardians.DSW is a member of Discipline Committee and other Committees involving students and students’ matters. DSW reports to the Director General cases of students who require special attention or whose conduct and activities are not in the best interests of the institute or who are not likely to profit by their continuance in the institute.

The DSW at headquarters is assisted by the following Special Officers in regional centres:

Dhenkanal Centre: Mr. Jitendra Pati, Email: jitendra4iimc[at]gmail[dot]com

Kottayam Centre: Dr. Jisha K., Assistant Professor, Email: jisha[dot]ascom[at]gmail[dot]com

Amravati Campus: Dr. Vinod Nitale, Assistant Professor, Email: nitalevinod[at]gmail[dot]com

Aizawl Centre: Dr. Jenny Lalmuanpuii, Assistant Professor, Email: jennyl[dot]mapuii[at]gmail[dot]com

Jammu Centre: Dr. Vinit Utpal, Assistant Professor, Email: vinitutpaliimc[at]gmail[dot]com