Short-term Courses

Course Director: Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Goswami

The Institute has been organizing a variety of short-term courses, workshops, seminars and conferences on various themes related to communication and media.

The Institute runs regular short-term academic programmes for personnel from different media units of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The Institute also conducts a large number of specialized short-term courses, ranging from one week to 12 weeks’ duration to meet the professional training needs of officers of armed forces, police personnel of various states and those working in various media and publicity organizations of Central and State Governments, as well as Public Sector Enterprises.

The specialised short-term courses are organized with a view to contribute better understanding of different issues pertaining to media and communication in the context of India and other developing countries. The main objective of such courses are to make personnel from different fields aware of emerging trends and techniques and sharpen their media skills.

Since its inception, the Institute has organized a total of 692 such courses, and trained over 14,496 persons from India and abroad.

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Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Goswami, Course Director