Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Hindi)

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Hindi)

  • Duration : One Year
  • Course Director : Dr. Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay
  • Total Seats : 128

The PG Diploma Course in Journalism (Hindi) was started to cater to the growing need for skilled and professionally trained media persons for Hindi newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, as well as websites, etc. The primary focus of the course is to impart conceptual, operational, and directional skills in the processes of news gathering, production, presentation, and dissemination.

The seats sanctioned for the course in the New Delhi campus are 68. The course is also offered from Jammu and Amravati Centres. There are 30 seats each in both these regional centres.

The initial phase of the course emphasized the theory and concepts of communication and journalism. As the course progressed, practical inputs increased progressively, and in the final phase of the course, over 80 percent of the inputs consisted of hands-on practical exercises.

During the entire academic year, the Department of Hindi Journalism organised seminars and workshops to enhance the understanding and practical abilities of the students. These included special workshops on Business Journalism and Photography. The Department also organised debates and discussions on current issues and topics regularly. Each day, two students were asked to present their contrasting viewpoints and answer questions. The whole class then participated in discussions in the presence of a faculty member. This practice gives tremendous confidence to the students and also enhances their awareness levels.

During the academic year, the Department invited many leading editors of Hindi newspapers and TV channels to interact with the students, who learnt from the experiences of these senior journalists. The students produce their lab journals towards the conclusion of the course, utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the course. To partially offset the impact of the growing trend of commercialisation of the media, concerted efforts are made to impart training in Development Communication in accordance with the mandate of IIMC.

After completion of the course, the students go for internships in leading newspapers, news agencies and TV channels. The Department also facilitates placements and a good number of students are placed in newspapers, television channels and news agencies, while some students go for further studies.

Objectives Of The Course