Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee of the IIMC is reconstituted as follows to deal with the matters pertaining to disciplinary cases involving students of IIMC as follows:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Govind Singh - Head of the Committee-In the capacity of Dean (Academics)
  • ADG (A) - Administrative Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Anubhuti Yadav - Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar - As DSW
  • Prof. (Dr.) Virender Kumar Bharti -Member
  • Dr. Pratibha Sharma ,LIO;-Member

The Disciplinary Committee will ensure compliance of Code of Discipline & Conduct for students and will suggest suitable action in case of its violation.

In case of matters concerning Regional campuses, the Disciplinary Committee will be assisted by the Regional Director of the Campuses.