Computer Labs

During 2011-12, IIMC joined the National Knowledge Network (NKN), a state-of-the-art, multi-gigabit, pan-India broadband network for providing a unified high speed network backbone for all knowledge-related institutions in the country. Being part of the National Knowledge Network, IIMC receives broadband internet seamlessly at speeds of 1Gbps or higher. The purpose of such a knowledge network goes to the very core of the country’s quest for building quality institutions with requisite research facilities and creating a pool of highly trained professionals. The high speed NKN enables scientists, researchers, communicators and students from different backgrounds and diverse geographies to work closely for advancing human development in critical and emerging areas for generation and dissemination of knowledge in various fields.

The Institute also has a back-up 2Mbps broadband internet connection through the NIC, state-of-the-art computers with the latest configurations and software for imparting instruction to its students and trainees.

These facilities provide learning opportunities for the students of the Institute and inter-alia include three Workplaces – Computer Labs, Multimedia and DTPs available to different groups at a time.

The Institute also has teleprinter lines from UNI and Varta, which pour in the latest news 24 hours a day.