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PG Diploma Course in Journalism (Malayalam)

Post Graduate Diploma in Malayalam Journalism
Course Duration: 1 year
Course Director: Dr S. Anilkumar
About the Course
The Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Malayalam Journalism was launched in 2017 in the Kottayam Campus with a view to set new quality standards in journalism training in the regional milieu. This is the first-ever Journalism Course in Malayalam medium, with specific focus to impart quality training in language media on a national scale.
Over a period of two semesters, the students would be provided with a broad perspective of the communication field in general and that of Malayalam language in particular. The emphasis will be on imparting ethics and values needed to promote a free, fair and objective media practices.  Students will be exposed to new and evolving techniques of reporting, editing, production and distribution through a combination of theory and practical sessions. Over the period of the course, students shall report, edit and produce Lab Journals and other publications in Malayalam. They will also be trained in TV, Radio and Digital media. There will be a voluntary media mentorship programme during semester break/vacation.
In addition, the students are made to interact regularly with reputed media-professionals and renowned experts in the field of mass communication. Job-oriented training workshops are also conducted by experts from various fields.
The course has earned good reputation with its students pursuing careers in major media organizations within the country.
Objectives of the course
  • To provide quality training in the field of journalism in Malayalam language with special focus on regional aspects of mass communication such as language, technology and cultural practices.
  • To create professionally qualified, well-trained, and competent journalists who are well-versed in the nuances of Malayalam language media and are empowered with a national perspective.
  • To provide a wider perspective on the role of communication in India with emphasis on the involvement and participation of journalists in the development and integration of the country through effective communication.
  • To expose the students to new/evolving techniques of Reporting, Editing, Production and Distribution in Media with focus on Malayalam language and Kerala’s socio-cultural milieu.
  • To familiarize the students with the nuances of New Media practices and trends and also to sensitize them regarding the challenges of fake news and misinformation.
  • To familiarize with the role of government media organizations and of private mass communication initiatives in strengthening democracy and development.